In-App Purchase bug on iOS

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  • So I managed to get my In-App purchasing working on Android

    But with the exact same build on IOS, it doesnt exactly work the same =(

    On Android:

    -When the player buys gold, the system successfully charges/receives the real-money, and adds the extra gold to the game - which is great!

    On iOS:

    -When the player buys gold, the system successfully charges/receives the real-money, BUT! it doesnt add the extra gold to the game after the transaction is completed..

    (Note: This worked on both TestFlight and Sandbox mode, just not on LIVE)

    The game has also been approved by Apple, and is currently on the App Store

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  • Does anybody know if iOS In-App Purchasing process doesnt allow things like Webstorage, or Integers? Anything thats incompatible?

  • Anybody? =/

  • Hi cgsammu, im also currently searching for IAP tutorial for cocoonjs but so far no luck :/...

  • I can't see anything wrong with it at the moment. However, what I would recommend is creating a global variable called Gold and setting that to whats stored in your webstorage + IAPGold. Then use the gold variable when you do setText and store it in your webstorage.

    This way you are calling the webstorage function as little as possible. This is because anything that reads or writes something external it wont be as quick as what's in memory. So it may be calling too many webstorage requests in quick succession.

  • Did you disable sandbox mode in the CocoonJS settings, before creating the build ?

  • I managed to turn off sandbox mode =) im able to test the game properly without waiting for Apple's 1 week approval!

    So whats happening now is....I cant buy it more than once..

    on iOS, it prompts "This in-app purchase has already been bought. It will be restored for free" and I cant get pass this....

    Basically, a "consumable" item is acting like a "non-consumable" (it failed to finish a transaction) I think...

    Anyways, I've been trying to figure this out with Ludei, but it seems like its something they need to fix on their end =(

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