How do I... get music to work on iOS devices?

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  • Hello, I have a game made in Construct 2 that has music imported into the music folder, as usual. However, while the game works great on Android devices (I exported as html5), the music breaks down on iOS devices. The command I use for the actual playing of the music is simple as well:

    On start of layout > Audio: Play "file" looping at -10db (tag "bgmusic")

    But about a minute into the song, even while doing nothing in the game, the music starts to sputter and eventually breaks down entirely. I have a video on Youtube that might help illustrate the problem, and in the interest of getting help quickly, here is the modified link (please replace * with .):


    Any ideas? Is it this particular iPad I'm testing that's making the audio suffer? Is it something about how I uploaded the music (used C2's sound importer to convert from wav to m4a and ogg)? Is it the amount of stuff being called at any given time/a slowdown problem? Thanks for any ideas.


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