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  • hi there ,my first post here

    for starting, im quite new to construct and programming, but im falling in love with it.

    i have searched quite extensively on the forums for something similar, but have come up short, so my last resort is to post.

    on to the question at hand,

    im making a platformer, and my character has a melee attack

    i want that attack to affect an object with impulse depending on the direction im facing, similar to knock back but with physics

    as of now im able to apply impulse on the object, but it only goes one direction independently if im at its right or left.

    i saw someone sayng this, but i cant seem to figure out how to add it

    When the knock back happens check the players X position against the enemies X position. If players X is less than enemies X do the knock back from the bottom right of player. If the enemies X is less than players X then do the knock back from bottom left of player.

    any help is appriciated

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