Improving the performance of dungeon generator

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  • Hi all, the trouble I'm having is the procedural dungeon generation event sheet reduces my iPhone 4S to ~3 frames per second, yet it runs fine on PC.

    I've been testing and testing trying to isolate the issue and I can't seem to pin it down. I have debug text to show if the generator is constantly on (which indicates that it isn't). I also tested if it was the sheer number of sprites being generated that was the culprit; in short, it wasn't, it lags constantly regardless of the layout size it is working with. The last test I conducted was to manually paste in a large number of the tile sprites, rather than spawn them through the generator. The game runs perfectly fine with this, but it isn't really the solution I was looking for, confirming to me that the number of sprites isn't the issue.

    Here is the capx

    If you're testing this out on iOS, its a 3 finger touch to generate a dungeon.

  • How or what are you using to test? I had a framerate problem (like you) but that was because I was using phonegap/stock standard HTML5. If anything you should try use AppMobi or CocoonJS (I recommend this) as it boosts the speed of it to native speeds.

    Note: For testing you need to use the AppMobi or CocoonJS app, but once you finished, you can export as a native file.

  • I can't seem to get it working either even after altering the project.

    It doesn't even seem to get any better on an iPad.

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  • Hey , I was running it with CocoonJS, I haven't tried it in PhoneGap or Appmobi, but I'm assuming they'll perform even worse than CocoonJS.

  • Wrangler

    They do indeed perform worse. I can't even get Appmobi to work properly :/

    But yes, as I said earlier it's probably something to do with the arrays' and calling them. You'll probably need to make it more streamline and efficient.

    Other than that, i've got nothing.

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