Improving performance with Crosswalk?

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  • I was wondering if there are any ways in improving performance on my game with Crosswalk?

    I've managed to build my game and try it out on my phone, and although it is playable, there are framedrops which can have a slight effect on the gameplay.

    My game memory is only around 11mb and 7mb in size on construct so I don't think I can optimize anymore.

    Are they any tips to improve performance?

  • how you do that your game size is 7mb

    and your meory use is 11mb ?

    in my case i always have memory use = size x 10 ???

    for example if i have size of 1 mb ... i get 10 memory use ?

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  • HI matrixreal I think the reason your memory is high is because your sprites are too big in size. I reduced the sizes of my sprites first via Photoshop (you can use any image editor) and then added them to construct. Then I'd just increase the size of that sprite in the properties bar.

    If you're making a game for mobile, then don't worry if you sprite looks pixelated when you're testing on your PC browser, it will look a lot better once you try it on mobile as it's a smaller screen.

    Also, you can use the crop tool in construct image editor to remove any unnecessary space from your sprites that take up memory for no reason, this really helped me out.

    Hope that helps.

  • Anyone help out with improving performance with Crosswalk?

  • I'm not sure what kind of answers you are expecting, because noone here knows your game and/or anything about how you have your events set up..

    You might just be looking for a magic button within crosswalk export, but if there is I haven't found it yet..

    Optimizing would consist of going over your events to see if there are many every tick events (all events without a green arrow) that don't need to be checked every tick..

    see how many collisionchecks there are every second (open up the debugger for this one)

    See if you are using delta time (dt) the right way to make your game framerate independant..

    You could also just look at the debugger to see what is taking the most amount of processing to see where the framedrops come from..

  • Without knowing anything more about your game or your profiler measurements, all I can direct you to is performance tips.

  • LittleStain Ashley I'm not looking for a 'magic button' to solve my issues, i'm just asking for any tips/advice on improving performance with Crosswalk. I'm still a beginner with this so i apologise if my questions are too vague, i'm just asking for help here.

    I have checked the performance tips link and it's helpful but i'm still getting framedrops.

    I appriciate that you can't check how my events are set up, i can't post it here as the file is too big. I have no problem in sending my capx via email if you're willing to take time out to have a look if thats OK.

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