How do I improve Multiplayer performance on mobile Chrome

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  • Hi,

    First I want to thank Tom and Ashley for providing the multiplayer plugin. It is amazing and my students have had so much fun using it. A number of them don't have computers at home and I would love for them to be able to play the games they make on their mobile phone.

    I made slight modifications to the Multiplayer Ghost template.

    Here is the link to the file:

    I changed the mechanics so that the player follows your mouse.

    The vectorX and vectorY are determined by the aimspot. Performance seems to be fine using Google Chrome on my computer.

    When I go to the link using the mobile Chrome browser on my Galaxy S4, and click a part of the screen, the player moves, but the performance is less than ideal. The movement and laser work, but it is slow.

    In particular, the player seems to stall when it gets close to the aim spot. It ignores other touches on the screen until it gets through whatever it is processing when close to the aim spot. I am pretty sure the issue is something related to processing the aim spot to check for a hit.

    I tried changed the mechanics so that touching the screen would result in simulating an 8 direction left, or right, up or down, but I didn't see any improvement in performance.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




    Here is one game I made combining pong and the Ghost multiplayer template:

    (10 shots on the other person's paddle makes it move)

    Here is a modification by a student which we did in about an hour:

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