How do I improve distance joint performance?

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  • I made chain object, using distance joints. When I start layout everything goes smoothly but after one min ( or something ) performance badly crash. Time seem only reason why this happen. I can shoot, move objects and so on and everything goes smoothly but after some time performance crash. This happen even if i don't do anything. Just start that layout and wait.

    Any idea how to fix this?

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  • Have you tried the debug to see what is flooding your memory (I would guess that's what it is)

    Without seeing the capx, it's really impossible to say what is going on..

    Could be you are creating objects every tick..

  • on start physics simulation seem use like a 2% CPU and when time goes forward it go up until reach 100% and crash.

    But actually you helped me already =) I change "every tick = create physics distance joint" to "start of layout= create physics distance joint" and everything go smoothly.

    so thank you! =)

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