How do I improve my avatar? (Programmers art)

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  • Hi all, im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but hey ho.

    I was originally going to post in the 'Looking for team' forums asking for a 2D artist to help me out on my next bite sized development tutorial, but after consideration, I'd just like to try and improve my own skills for the moment.

    Theres a lot of tutorials on making better artwork out there, and its a little bit overwhelming on where to start, so for starters I thought I'd ask for opinions on how to make my avatar image look better, to make my avatar I basically edited pixel by pixel the C2 logo, but it still looks a little rough around the edges, I'd like to improve it as its my little icon not only here but also in places like twitter, and I'd like to make a good first impression, naturally.

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated but I'm especially interested in anyone who has improved their own spritemaking skills over time.

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