Import a WebGL html5 in Constuct 2

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  • Hi,

    My question is a little special but I had made a 1st game some months ago with Unity and I finally found it the fabulous and very simple Construct 2 (now I make all my games with it because I hate Unity)

    So I'd live to transfer all my games files from Unity to Construct 2. Maybe in builting it in WebGL in Unity (the same thing that HTML5 I guess..), so is it possible to Import some HLTM5 files into Construct 2 ? (not capx files but html5 directly).

    Else, the code in Unity was written in C# Sharp and Javascript. I hate code, i bought a template for my 1st game. Does anyone has an idea how to convert or export/import some scripts files into Construct 2?

    I'd love to improve my 1st game easily and work on it in Construct 2 <3

    Thx for your help

  • It simply isn't possible. Construct and Unity projects are simply unrelated. You also can't import HTML5 projects into C2--it builds HTML5 games from the C2 project files, but it would be impossible to map code back onto the C2 behaviors. The only way to do what you're looking to do is to rebuild it from the ground up (port) in C2. Admittedly, this may not be as hard as you might think.

  • It's not possible to import html into C2 and map the html code to the event system that C2 uses.

    You can obviously reuse all sound and GFX from your previous project but you would need to recreate the code using C2's event system.

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  • Ok thx for your replies. It's just a match-3 game after all so I imagine I could built it again from zero with my textures, sounds, etc. Too bad, it would made me gain time

    Thx anyway guys

  • By the way, does someone know a good capx template for a complete match-3? There are a lot ones on codecanyon but they are very simple, and if I need to make my whole game from start, I'd like to find a template more complete (at least with many targets or a map)...?

    A line game would be good too, I could change my match-3 system for a link line system.

    Thx for your help

  • is this ok?

    Is not for sale on any store, but how much will you pay for it if I put it on Codecanyon ? ... index.html

  • Sorry just noticed your answer now.

    Your game seems correct. I found a lot of them on codecanyon similar to yours, except you have a tutorial and the leaderboard. You should defitinitvely put it on codecanyon, I'm sure you would sell it.

    For now, I focuse on others projects I have, but around the end of the year, I'll come back on this project and probably will contact someone (like you, why not...) to prepare me a full template very similar that I had already had in my Unity game, and so pay a little more.

    So i'll keep your infos and your name, and maybe will contact you in some months.

    Good luck with your template

  • Thanks. Until then, maybe i'l post it on Scirra store or codecanyon

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