How do I import TMX files?

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  • I just built a level in Tiled, the Map Editor, and wanted to import.

    I followed the post here: ... ap-tidbits

    Using that guide for making my TMX files, knowing what was able to work, etc, I based my TMX editing on that article. Saving my TMX files I cannot just drag/drop them. Is there a step I'm missing? I have them made in the proper format according to that blog, but keep getting errors when I drag/drop them into the frame. So am I doing it wrong by drag/drop? Is there another way no one is talking about to import TMX files? Is there something in Tiled I'm not doing? Someone please help, I spent all day working on this map only to have it not import to C2. Thanks in advanced!

    EDIT: the error I'm getting is as follows: "Error parsing XML file. Check the file is a valid Tiled TMX file."

  • After you added the tilemap object, did you then open the tilemap window and select the 'import tmx to this object'?

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  • It's the same result, same error.

    EDIT: Somehow, using a regular TMX file (as by default, not one using settings in that blog) I was able to import it fine. Using those settings seemed to make it where I couldn't import at all.

    EDIT 2: I figured it out, for some reason it had two tilesets going on in that one map, so it was making it error on me. No other map had done that, and I'm not sure how it happened at all (it was the last one I did, actually, so I had the workflow down pretty well). But it's working now.

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