How to import text from an external file

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  • Ok ... I'm doing a videogame, but I have been presented with a series of inconveniences that do not allow me to finish it.

    The main idea of ​​the game is that at the beginning you can write what the victory screen will say ..

    At first I had chosen to do it in a menu screen, after the loading screen .. What will work like this: The loading screen ends, the screen where you edit the text is displayed, after editing the text you save it and in this same screen you can choose if you want to continue exiting or the loading screen jumps directly to the game menu .. making the person who plays it does not know that it is altered, depending on whether it is downloaded or someone else is presenting the game ..

    Unfortunately I did not know how to do this "I'm still a novice", and I decided to do it with a command from nw.js4C2

    In which is able to read a file that is in a certain location in the hard disk, it worked effectively I did not have to make the load screen send me to the editor, then it had to be skipped, the editor, etc ..

    But I have a problem using this method ... I need the text to be shown in parts, since the game is with an 8bit rpg style, that is, I want it to be shown to a certain point in the text, then erase everything and keep showing ... Something that I have not managed to do ... I hope you can help me ..

    And forgive English ... It's from the google translator, since I speak Spanish ..

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  • Do you have any screenshots to help explain your problem?

    I've got a project which can load in words from a text file. I also know its possible to split a sentence and pick words from that. I am just not 100% sure what you are trying to do at?

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