How do I import svg animations in construct 2

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  • Hi,

    I want to integrate svg animations in construct 2. I've tried Pode svg canvas plugin but it does not allow me to import complicated animations or I couldn't do it . I've been animating in adobe animate and flash for a long time. Turn out construct 2 is the only game engine I found which is very stable in terms of exporting HTML5 games. It would be a life savior if I could integrate construct 2's physics based objects into my animation. Right now I can export to HTML5 from adobe animate but I can't make any physics based object or even if I do there are a lot of limitations. What I want to do is, using a <div> tag in the exported HTML5 file from adobe animate and integrate construct 2's exported file file into that <div> tag. Anyone has any idea on how can I integrate adobe flash animation with construct 2? That could save a lot of work and time. Thanks

  • There is no way to render svg content in the webgl engine currently.

    The only method would be to export the animation to frames.

    Another method might be rebuilding the animation as a multi-image animation using another editor such as Spriter.

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  • Thanks newt for your prompt reply. problem is we've done a ton of educational animations in flash and its quite impossible to convert them all. The only thing I'm currently needing from construct 2 is the collision and physics behavior. I don't have enough points to show you an example or share a link. But I only need a slight part of molecular physics to show the students the molecular behavior. If you kindly helped me with this issue I would be grateful all my life. We're an animation studio and have done a lot of works in adobe software. So, we might go bankrupt if we try to convert all those animations again into spriter or another software. I was thinking of using <iframe> for the animation. Do you think it'll be good? Thanks

  • Basic Spriter is free, but I guess an Iframe with whatever html you need to animate it would be the quickest solution.

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