How do I import Sprites right without blurry and crispy look

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  • Help me by this please, it doesn't matter what i do everytime my sprites looks ugly. Set to point looks uglier..

  • What size are your sprites? Are you up-scaling them once you import into C2 or do you keep them at the same size you drew them at? What project properties are you using for scaling? Do you have a screenshot of what your sprites look like before you add them to your project, then what they look like while running in your project?


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  • I import them and scale them a litte bit down. Still the same

  • Must be drawing with low definition, try to draw with a better setting ...

  • Figure out what size you want it to be and save it in that size. I do all mine in vector and save to PNG but I get it as close to the workable size I'm going to use it for. I also learned it helps to keep the app size as small as possible.

    Draw it big but save it small or to the usable size you wish.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you i will give it a try!

  • Im drawing with Adobe Illustrator. Any tips for export?

  • Construct 2 converts everything to 24bit PNG with alpha channel when it's imported into C2.

    I always just save everything as 24bit PNG with alpha so it doesn't have to do any conversion... and also so there's no compression on the original images.

    Try to make your graphics at the "native" size of your game/app so that you aren't having to resize them larger or smaller in the game itself (unless you're adding a zoom feature that would scale the entire layout instead).

    Also, make sure that if you're doing retro-style artwork (no anti-aliased edges, etc) that you set your resize sampling to POINT, otherwise leave it as LINEAR if you're using "soft" or anti-aliased artwork.


  • Thank you for your time!

  • Xh3maa

    I had the same problem in the past, for a long time I couldn't find the solution, over 4 months researching and testing and error until I found one way that works for me at the moments.

    once you draw your art use this script for Illustrator to save the PNG:

    Like they recommended the colleagues above size the art on Illustrator to the size you gonna use on C2

    on the exporting time: scale the art, they will give you one option there before you export it with the script, the best results I got was with 150% scale

    or just keep playing with the scale until you find a good and clear PNG

    I hope it helps

  • you helped me alot! Everything looks great yet! BIG THANKS!!

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