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  • My friend and I are working on a large project. We are doing this on our own respective computers and often have very different pieces to be combined. We found that events are very easy to transfer between our radically different projects. However, sprites are presenting a bit of a problem. Simply copy and pasting a single sprite with its entire collection of animations is quite time consuming. I was therefore wondering if there is any way to transfer a sprite and all of its animations with a single action(or you know, like a 20-5 step process).

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Just taking a wild stab here, but I think there are ways to save your images and load them. Possibly with 'dictionary' and/or 'webstorage'. I haven't figured out the syntax details on this stuff yet.

    I do think you could also make a .capx and send it to your friend, then he/she can open this .capx in addition to the one they have, and copy your stuff to their layouts. Then they close the extra .capx.

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