How do I import sound ??????

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  • Hi Community, I have a problem

    Ok. I have a problem with c2, exactly in audio.

    If i want to import audio, c2 says that there was an error: ''Converted to AAC, but failed to convert to OGG''

    I imported .wav-files and also tried it with .m4a-files and with mp3 too, every time it doesn't work.

    But If I import OGG files it works well.

    So it would be no problem, if there wasn't an other Issue for my post.

    In Intel XDK there is an error with the OGG-files so I can't export my Game/App to Android.

    I tried to export my App to Android without the audiofiles and it worked.

    I also tried to make an App in the XDK with the same audiofiles(OGG), but it doesn't work.

    So i watched many tutorials on youtube of importing audio into Construct 2 but if I tried to do the same it doesn't work for me.

    a quick reply would be very nice

    regards lologu

    PS: I also searched in the Scirra-forum for answers, but it didn't fix it.

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  • When in doubts refer to the online manual.

    In your case : and

    In your other thread you managed to see that the bitrate of the imported wav files was an issue. Does this help with OGG encoding to use the correct bitrate now ?

    What is your OS ?

    Also please consider editing your posts (like I did in the other thread) instead of posting in a row. Use the pen icon in the top right corner of the message to add/modify it and not post several sentences in a row as they come to you.

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