import image for the game at runtime .

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  • Hi friends , need to import a local image into the game at runtime . Example : c: \ games \ images

    FileChooser did not work because I have to load the image with a path that comes from the database ... someone has done something like that ... ?

    Thank you.

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  • No one can help me?

    Does the construct is not prepared for something as simple as loading an image at runtime database the way?

  • You will most likely have to use "Load image from URL" and point to page with server side scripts that retrieve the image from the database.

  • Thanks for the answer , but, I do not want to do that because some games will be locally. offline

  • You can still use "Load image from URL" locally. Leave out the address and it will point to the Files folder from your game by default. Are you trying to load an image from elsewhere on your the hdd?

  • Yes friend, I need to load local images , can be in the same folder of the game ... you have any examples ... ? I made an example of what I need ...

  • I actually started building our website like this (the Load Image from URL way) and ended up going to Pode's iFrame plugin instead, since we needed more than just images.

    That pode's iFrame thing is a marvel. You could conceivably nest Construct projects inside other Construct projects ad infinitum. It is nuts.

    I have considered doing this for our more intensive UI elements, having independent subprojects that load inside of an iFrame.

  • In my case there is no way , as the image needs some aspects of construct2 , because it is a game.

    Do not enter the head that contruct2 has no plugin to load local images dynamically passing the way.

  • jucelio It's really simple. Here is a quick demo.

    import an image capx

  • C-7 ... Thanks, but an image loaded based on the way the database ...that way of example I have to import the image at design time .

    But thanks for the help.

  • Sorry for bumping this but just to clear things out: Isn't there a way to load an image at runtime, without first importing it into the project file? C-7 's example works fine, but I'm talking dynamically load an image, assuming the path and filename is retrieved through some event at runtime.

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