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  • I have lots of images for an animation in a folder as so:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Is there any way I can easily import these to construct 2 to piece together the animation quickly? It would seem easier than manually creating 60 frames. If this is not possible, can I suggest it as a feature?

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  • Just select them all and drag n drop them on to the layout.

  • You can select all of them at once. It will import them all. Or you can create a sprite sheet/strip out of them. Then you only import one item.

    In the animation window, right click in the blank area near the default first frame, then click import Frames. Or Import Sprite Strip if you have made one. Import frames lets you select multiple images and if they are named and have a number in them like yours seem to, it will put them in order too...

  • You can right click on the frame list, inside the animation editor, and select "Import Frames" and select them all by holding shift or CTRL (the last one is to individual multi selection)

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