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  • I am currently testing my Android apps with phonegap, with a view to using appmobi or cocoon when they have matured.

    The new "import project files" feature is very useful and works well via my PC's browser but is doesn't seem to work with phonegap.

    As the call is made to a .txt file via AJAX, am I barking up the wrong tree? Please can someone confirm whether this is possible? Can Ajax calls work within the file structure of a phonegap wrapped game?

    Many Thanks in Advance.

  • I am having the same doubt , can anyone answer ?

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  • I managed to get it working on phonegap a while back (maybe cordova 1.7) which is way too slow for most stuff. I haven't used phonegap for a while. The latest version (2.2) is supposed to be much better at handling javascript and audio so depending on what you are doing (i.e if the graphics are minimal) it might work for you. I might try the new version myself out of interest. I think you have to compile it using Eclipse to get ajax working.

    To get it working with phonegap put your .txt file in your assets/www folder

    I couldn't get it working on cocoon, even with the new version released yesterday.

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