How do I import clear and crisp pixel art into Construct

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  • I have made some pixel art using Gimp, and when finished tried putting the art into a construct 2 project, but when I make the sprite it appears very blurry and the colors smudge together on the sprite, it does not appear this way in the construct image editor, but only on the layout. I have tried resizing and looking through options in both gimp and construct but haven't found anything that will fix the problem and make the pixel art looks as it does in gimp (clear and not smudged), it would be great if someone could give me some tips on what to do!!! Thanks!

  • First, are you using png format? Jpg would definitely cause a problem.

    Other than that it is pretty straightforward. Your Sprite should be the same size as the gimp file. If you resize in GIMP make sure interpolation is set to none. You can also try changing the layout scale if needing to zoom in or out.

    There is nothing tricky here so if you can't fix it you will have to provide step by step what you are doing, a capx, or screenshot.

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  • Change the sampling to "point" in the project properties.

  • Thank you Tokinsom, changing that fixed the problem! I really appreciate it, and also thank you badmoodtaylor for the suggestion, all my pixel art was in png format.

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