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  • I'm working on a platformer/side-scroller rogue-like game. I used the "Procedural Dungeon Generation: A Roguelike Game" tutorial by stemkoski (can't post URL for some reason) as base. This is how I see it right now:

    The level itself is a tilemap, initially filled with the same repeating tile. There are, let's say, 4 types of room - large, tall, medium and small. Each type room has a bunch of pre-defined layouts with points where monsters or objects can possibly spawn. So, firstly, the rooms are created and filled with randomly chosen layouts. Then the corridors are created - if it is vertical, it looks like a vertical shaft and has some ladder tiles there; if it's horizontal, it looks like a normal hallway. And thirdly, objects and monsters are randomly spawned at the corresponding spawn points.

    And the question is: how do I implement this technically? It would be a lot easier, if there would be some 'Paste at (X, Y)' or 'Load JSON at (X, Y)' action for Tilemap object, but it isn't in Construct 2. Is using separate Tilemap objects for each room an option and won't it affect the performance? Or, perhaps there could be an easier approach?

    Also, I have Personal license on Steam, if this is important.

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