How do I implement an xbox controller support?

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  • Hi,

    I've already tried many solutions from the forum, but none of them worked. I basically want to use an xbox controller to move my char and to emulate the mouse control (for aiming purposes), but found some issues:

    • it "kinda" works with firefox and in the debug mode, but doesn't work with Node webkit
    • the mouse movement isn't very precise (i can't seem to move vertically and horizontally)
    • The character simple won't Move

    I tried to tinker with the following example.. (the blue character was supposed to move with the left stick, and the red square with the right stick)... Yeah, its messed up

    If someone could have a look on it I'd be grateful =]

  • I think this might be the control system you are after.


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  • This cap requires the 188 version and I have only the 184.. Am I missing something?

  • Sorry I used the latest Beta version.

    Here is a version for 184 Stable.


  • sorry I didn't answer before... I've been away for some time

    Anyway, this DID work, thanks =D

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