How do I implement a wall jump in an auto-runner?

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  • I'm trying to create a wall jump styled obstacle for an auto-running game. In theory, when creating the initial idea, it seemed like it would work the same as in a traditional 2D platformer. However, going from the auto-runner implementation method, whereby the world is physically moved left with the bullet behavior, it seems implementing a wall jump in this environment will be challenging.

    The way I expected it to work at the moment was to set the player's X and Y vector to a value when the player is touching a wall. The Y vector works perfectly fine, but it's the X vector that I am having problems with. It seems since the world is physically moving left, setting the X vector in that direction will not produce anything since they are already moving in that direction because of the collision with the wall. This is just my theory from messing around with the situation. If anyone has an explanation for why this wouldn't work I'd appreciate it very much!

    In any case, what would be the most efficient way of creating a wall jump in an auto-runner? As of now the only way I can think of implementing it would be to stop the scrolling of the world to allow the player to wall jump, but that seems cumbersome and I feel there should be a better way of doing it.

    All help greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: After turning off the scrolling for testing, I have discovered that the scrolling isn't the entire reason why the wall jump isn't working. Even with a static world, the player barely moves left from a wall jump. The player is moved a tiny distance away from the wall as soon as the button is pressed. I'm confused as to what could be causing this now. I'll link my event sheet below.

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  • I guess the issue is that event 13 is only triggered once..

    After that one tick, event 6 is true again and takes over..

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