How do I implement tilt controls consistently across mobile

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  • Ok. I have read through the forums, checked the touch object in the manual, I have downloaded capx to see what other people have done and have experimented for lots of days (I did print out the values returned) but I still can not find a way to implement Tilt controls consistently on different mobile devices.

    The target:

    I am making a game where I want to make a penguin move left when the player tilts his phone left and right when he tilts it right in portrait mode. I used the following methods.

    -The first one used the Touch.Gamma expression.

    -The second one used the Touch.Beta expression.

    -The third used the Touch.AccelerationXWithG expression.

    The problem:

    Each method works on some mobiles but not on others!! I tested on the following mobiles and have noted what controls work and what not:

    Samsung Galaxy Wonder (android 4.2.2): Acceleration Yes, Gamma Yes, Beta No.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (android 4.2.2): Acceleration No, Gamma No, Beta Yes.

    ----Also, if the player has deactivated AutoRotation on their phone, Touch.AccelerationXWithG returns 0 which, as you can understand, breaks the controls.

    Samsung Galaxy Fame (android 4.1.2): Acceleration No, Gamma Yes (inverted), Beta No.

    Sony Experia Acro S (android 4.1.2): Acceleration Yes, Gamma Yes, Beta No.


    Can anyone help me figure this out? Other people have made games with tilt controls that work on multiple devices, so I am probably not doing something correctly (or I am plain dumb). I am willing to give a consulting fee of $10 to the person that can help me solve this issue. Below I include a link to the capx that I used to test things and an apk, so you can see the code I used and test it on your phones. - capx - apk for phone iXDK export

  • Anyone? Any ideas?

  • Did you ever get an answer because i'm stuck too!

  • Nope, I never got a reply from anyone and I also posted on Reddit-no luck there either. I have abandoned the project now and will NEVER touch tilt controls in Construct 2 again.

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  • I'm having same issue.

    Tilt works perfect when I run on an ipad (using gamma / beta) . But same tilt program does not work on Galaxy.

    Anyone have a guess as to why?

  • I wrote about this in my blog for Firefox OS using HTML5. You can read it here if you want to see the underlying native HTML5 code.

    The technical term is device orientation.

    Unfortunately, the sad answer is:

    1. Not all device manufacturers support this.

    2. Not all browsers support this.

    I wanted to go further with this but there isn't enough support yet. Sorry!

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