How to implement Swords & similar weapons?

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  • Hi

    I?m trying to create a platform game where the player defeats his enemies with a sword or a similar kind of weapon however I?m having trouble figuring out an approach that works, so I just wanted to find out how other people have implemented sword based attacks effectively in their own games?

    Any help would be appreciated


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  • How i did it in my game:

    My character is composed from body and arms. Arms move independently from the body. Each arm animation has a image point called "SwordGrip" . Of course i have a sword sprite. The sword moves attached to the "SwordGrip" image point. The origin point of the sword is on the base of it. So every tick i do sword set position to object Arms on image point "SwordGrip". The arms are set mirrored when the body is mirrored and so is the sword. That's the basics. The sword is attached to the arms like i said but it rotates independently. This way i can make different sword movements. And for collisions i have tiny collisors attached on determined points of sword. It's basically this . On my games it's a little more complex. It takes some work. Of course it depends on what you want to do, and your skill level. If you want i can make a detailed tutorial on it later.

  • I'd be interested in seeing a tutorial on this!

  • I as well would like to see a tutorial, plus I would think it would be a good resource for others as well.

  • Thanks. I'll do the tutorial tomorrow then. Been chillin a bit these holydays :D

  • Thanks, can't wait!

  • The tuto is done. It's a bit large so there must by typos/errors. Let me know of anything strange or any questions :D

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