How Do I implement 'No Internet at all'-LAN Multiplayer

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  • Hello!

    I'd like to ask Multiplayer Implementation esp. on no Internet Connection LAN.

    Recently my team just became a finalist on a competition by creating a multiplayer game using HTML5 (Cheers for Scirra and Construct 2!)

    The only downside of the app is (stated by the panel judges) the need of connecting to the internet to the Signalling Server though after connecting to the signalling server, the game will be connected to the host directly and requires no internet.

    Failing to fulfill the connection to Signalling Server means I cannot join a room

    To make my app "No internet friendly" (e.g. playing on a subway or a journey where Internet Connection is not available), the implementation I'll be using is that the players need to be on the same network (connected to the same LAN or tethered to one of the devices).

    Now the possible implementations I'm thinking of is:

    • Somehow bundles signalling server on the game, host it when the game runs, and when the game starts, there's an option to connect to specific device on the LAN by inputting text box.
    • Alters how my application connected to each others. (which would means do the syncing MANUALLY using AJAX and expects intermittent lags)

    Any insights or solutions regarding this matter?

    Thank you!

    P.S. : It is a Real Time Multiplayer game and can be played by every single person in a country provided decent internet. My game is compiled by Intel XDK to Android, so if you have Android or Intel XDK specific solution and insights, please do tell us!

  • Run a signalling server on the same LAN, and it should work without any Internet.

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  • Run a on the same LAN, and it should work without any Internet.

    Yes, I'm well aware of it Ashley, the problem is that none of the clients are PCs or devices that are capable of running node . As I stated above that all of them will be Androids

    Both host and clients are Androids, where the host will be the one tethers his "No-Internet Connection Tethering".

  • You'll need some kind of PC on the same LAN I'm afraid. It seems kind of unusual to run a server on a mobile device anyhow.

  • Yes Ashley... If I'm not mistaken, the signalling server uses websocket right?

    I shall find a way to "setup" that server on to Android.

    Serving the server from Android locally-run PHP might be a good idea.

    The usage of the signalling server is for the handshaking only, am I right Ashley?

  • If somehow I'm able to solve this case, I'll update the post and share a tutorial

    Might change how people develop multiplayer games lol

  • no luck with this one willypt?

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