How Do I Implement Magnet Behaviors?

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  • Before I get into the real question, I want to elaborate on what I am trying to do first.

    I trying to develop a Puzzle Platform game in which the player controls a girl who uses magnet powers. When I press the 'X' button I want her to change color; Red for North and Blue for South.

    If she is Blue and on an south block she'll be repulsed into the air. If she is in a Red magnetic field she'll be pulled in.

    I can get her to change color, flip upside down by using gravity.

    I'm thinking of using the overlap feature for the magnetic fields, but I don't know how to do the repulsion.

    I also have a problem when you try to walk when she's flipped. She move left when you hold down the right key. I don't know if it's possible to invert those.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Here's an idea on how to do the magnet repulsion and attraction:

  • Thanks for posting. I can't seem to open it, because it says it from a newer version. I'm guessing the free version does not come with updates.

    I need to look into this "problem" which my not be a "problem" at all.

    Any thoughts?

  • To get the latest beta release, click on the link on the bottom of the front page, or just click the one in my signature.

  • Thank you! That did the trick.

    I'm new to this program, so I don't know it's ins and outs yet. I'll be sure to bookmark that page.

  • Awesome example R0J0hound! That just what I need. Now to get all the pieces in order.

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  • Wow! Excellent example R0J0hound! Could be used for so many cool effects! :D

  • This is the raw basics. Please don't mind the temp-art. I'll be making real graphics shortly after I get the engine running.

    DL Link

    Here's the demo. Press X to change color. Try to get to the other side.

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