How do I implement loading screen? For Level Preload

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  • Hey guys,

    please help me by this. I have done a game. But every time my level starts my screen freeze for 2-5 seconds. how can i implement a loading screen that preloads my whole level? i want to have a smooth level start. Can you make a CAPX for me? im on construct 2. thank you very much

  • Xh3maa

    If you already build your game(apk) from Phonegap Build online or cocoon. You're in bad luck buddy . Their service nowadays sucks. They usually break your game. I suggest you compile it on your own using free open source products.

  • Thanks for answer. I build my apps with Intel XDK... The problem stays.. my idea was to set an overlay on the top of my gam if the layout loads everything correctly the overlay would disapear. But how do i know when my level loads completely? Can anybody give me a tip? Its very important..

  • Xh3maa

    You know what, I would suggest that you make a time variable to make a time delay before the game starts or you can set it when the progress bar reaches full. Your issue with screen freeze, I suspect is that your game is loading all the collision and behaviors all at once. My 2 cents advice to you is to optimize your game, disable all possible objects collision and behaviors that are not on the screen yet. This will definitely help your game to run smoothly.

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  • I was thinking about that but it seems too easy

    You are right. Everything loads on start. How to implement your idea? How to set everything on disabled on start of Layout? I know there is a button for disabled. But does help that? Later if i set everything on enabled at the same time wouldnt freeze my game?

  • Nobody an idea? It would help very much!

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