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  • I'm creating a Zpg and would like it to auto save, its been buggy in past games and haven't had any success. the game is zero player, so any progress it makes would be nice to save and to reduce the element of the player having to save manually.

    hoping for a every X second > save


    on any touch end > Save

    Thanks in advance any help is greatly appreciated!

  • What in particular happens when you Every 300 seconds : System -> Save to slot "whatever" ?

    I've had good success with saving this way at major plot points and after layout transitions, but I am just getting saves working.

  • The functions used to save the game don't always work, like if i set it up to save after every second it wouldn't work, or after every touch release.

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  • So you set it to save every 60 seconds, then it doesn't actually save? Perhaps if you post a screenshot of your event setup or a capx of what you have so far? Perhaps you could also display some kind of debug using the OnSaveCompleted event, so we can get some kind of idea of what might actually be going on.

    I gotta say, I',m intrigued by the idea of a zero player game. Is taht like a celular automata or an AI that plays through a game? Remind me of the Angband Borg from days of yore.

  • yes, godville is a good example of what im going for, i figured out my issue, it was a name error in this case but i have no idea what was happening in the previous games. anyway i have a bigger problem to get working on X'D the damn code for my new game is gonna take ages lol. along with keeping it organized. basically their would be more of a comedic value to the game, the idea would be to have the gamer want to come back to see what the're going to do next. wish i could have a way to have him always doing something and when the player comes back his player has advanced further, but thats so far ahead of what i'm capable of.

    You can check out my progress here: (IOS)

    Right now just the main menu and load menu no game play as of yet. that's in the drawing board stage :/

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