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  • Hello, fellow Constructers.

    Im buying assets, making games.. the usual stuff. But I have a Question/Scenario:

    I have a game at half the development maybe more, but then I fall in love with a Menu assets from store, so I bought it. Then there is a Capx file (I know, Zip file with diff name). It means its another proyect.

    I Usually Screenshoot the event sheet and start type it (mimic it) in my proyect because there is no way at this moment to merge them. Or there is a way and Im doing it totally wrong?

    In one line: "How do you implement assets with EventSheets and Layouts INTO your already advanced jobs:?"



  • I usually control-A select everything on the layout and copy it into my game and then control-a select all events and copy them to an event-sheet of my game..

    sometimes things are referenced that aren't on the layout and some names and or variables should be changed or created, but it beats the hell out of manually typing everything..

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  • I will try that, then I will post here the results


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