How do I Implement a Akuma Dive Kick using platform behavior

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  • Hey I'm making a platform action game and I want my character to be able to do a diving kick inspired by Akuma from the street fighter series. My brain stumped and my asking you .

    I'm using the platform behavior and I want the character to come down at a 45 degree angle. (I'll sweek it later) I just need some guidance on manipulating the vector X and Y and im hoping you can help me with that.

    Thank you

    p.s. Im also trying to do the rising uppercut, what i have it ok but it breaks easy, and its small adjustment. on the double jump i made an action that moved the player's vector X + 500 and it barely moves, and their is no arc. please help. By helping me learn how to control the vector X and Y in the platform behavior you'll be helping me kill two birds with one stone.

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  • Have you thought about using bullet behavior to cover the rising uppercut and diving kick moves? You can set the bullet speed to 0 and have it disabled by default and I might have a rough example (although for a similar concept, narrowly) for you to screw around with and engineer it to get working the way you need it.

  • Im going to try it i didnt think of using a bullet behavior because the character was the main character, but this is why I came to the forum THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!! I have one question. How would i do the uppercut tho? Im guessing i would set it to a small angle and stop it after a certain distance is reached?

  • Hi, I was following a tutorial the other day and he was using the MUGEN characters in making the game. I saw you mention Akuma. I downloaded akuma and the frames and everything. Just wanted to know though are we allowed to freely use these MUGEN characters in our games and put the games on the store. There is no restriction?

  • Legally the character is copyrighted, meaning the owner has every right to sue you, and win without much contest, if they so desired.

    In practice, Capcom is very friendly to fan art. Nintendo not so much. Either way it becomes a lot more dangerous when you start making money/selling other people's ideas and work. That said, the chances of you selling a game with copyrighted materials and making enough money to be noticed and sued are rather low. But if it does happen you will get wrecked for life, so most people probably would not want to risk it.

  • Yeah an i was just saying the akuma dive kick as a reference. I'm not actually using Akuma just a kick like his for a platformer game.

    The hardest part of game design is finding a team my friend welcome to the struggle.

  • You mentioned a problem with adding 500 to the character's vector x. I bet that is because of the platform behavior's "max speed." If you had events raise the max speed during the move and then put it back down when the move is finished, I think that would fix it.

  • I didnt think of that possibility. great insight I went with the bullet behavior and got it to work to my liking for the dive kick. I'm going to try what you suggested with the jumping uppercut

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