Immortal Enemies, sometimes.

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  • Hi there, I am making a crossover game featuring Mario , Megaman, Bill and lance (contra), etc.

    The issue is, I have a Koopa Troppa Enemy, that has a health Variable (3). I made it, so every time Megaman Shoots a single bullet to it, it dimish its health by 1 point, and when he is in 1 point goes into Shell mode (like when mario stomps a Koopa Troppa). So next hit should kill the Koopa Troppa. It partially works, but when testint it, sometimes 1 out of 5 Koopa troopas, its inmortal. No matter how many hits I fire, it just wont die, and the other 4 work as intented.


  • piccolodmq

    "Immortal Enemies" lol I'm not surprised they should be Titans

    Did you realize that you have three "For Each" in arrow and in a sub-events? and that you don't need any of them

    Plus the trigger once in event 43 is making you a big mess there combined with the Waits

    Remove all the "For Each" three of them

    Set event 41 as the top event

    --SubEvent: Kopatropa Health = 1 >>>> your Actions

    --Else Health <= 0 >>>>>>>>>your Actions

    Also, I would remove all the waits, replace them with Timers

    try and see how it goes

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  • Tested 3 times with around.... 5 koopa tropas. and Diden't get the immortal glitch. Thanks a lot. I know most of this is common sense for you, but I am still learning the basics. Thanks for your time .

  • piccolodmq Nothing to be a shame we all been there we did a lot of mistakes swell and we still keep doing till today, the fact that you still keep learning and working on it is big accomplishment keep it up.

    On Collision Event normally Picks the objects involved in the collisions individually that's why you didn't need the extra for Each on that situation, any Actions you apply to the KopaTropa on events like this c2 will pick the rights ones individually and apply those Actions to the Right Kopas

    I love the Tittle by the way "Immortal Enemies"

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