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  • Hi, I'm curious, Do objects with the Physics attribute set to immobile use as much processing power as objects using Physics not set to immobile? I have an object using physics and for it to bounce off stuff I have to set the physics attribute to just about everything else so instead of say one object with Physics I need 50 or so.

    I've read just about everywhere to keep Physics to an absolute minimum yet I'm in a catch 22 where I only need one object to have physics but am forced to use many. Any tips suggestions would be welcome or is it really necessary if immobile physics objects hardy use anything?



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  • Hi,

    I would imagine its only moving objects which create demand on the processor.

  • I hope so but they still have physics attributes attached to them so would there still be demand every cycle or only during the moments they are interacted with by other moving physics objects i.e. ball bouncing off a wall?

  • Hi,

    again i dont know for sure. But there are no calculations being performed on objects which are not moving or interacting with anything else. Unless your game is for a mobile platfom then its not a massive issue anyway.

  • ok thanks, yeah it's for mobile phones, works great on my RAZR i with Phonegap but on others like the Galaxy 2 lags like hell to the point it's unplayable. I read the blog post about Android 4+ using Chrome which is possibly why it's better on my phone. I'm just looking at ways to optimize it as it's difficult to tell testing on my phone as it runs ok and I there are no other phones readily available for me to use as test devices.

  • I did some tests with this a while back and immobile physics seem to impact frame-rate as much as a non-physics object.

    Have you tried CocoonJS, it's much better performance than Phonegap.

  • I haven't tried CocoonJS I'll give it a try later, thanks

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