Images smooth in editor, jagged when run

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  • Hi all,

    I have circles, and they're fairly big/ high rez files. They're perfectly smooth at the same size in construct, but when the layout is run, the edges are jagged, as you can see in the picture:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    and here they are smooth in C2:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Any thoughts? It's a png, my game resolution is 1280x1024.



  • Which browsers have you tried? Is it consistent across all browsers? Does the project 'sampling' property affect it?

  • I think it's your game's resolution.

  • Indeed, the final game's screenshot looks resized.

    Are you using the "Letterbox Scale" full screen option on a screen smaller than the resolution of your game ?

    If so, the assets gets resized to fit the allowed space. And such artefacts might show.

  • Kyatric I don't think the artifacts should be this bad. OP are you using webGL or canvas? What's your sampling?

  • Whoa. Jeez.

    Myyyyyyyyyyyy threads bring all the brains to the yard and I'm like thank god because this is super annoying :3

    Let me check eeeeverything and post some more info for you guys. Thanks a ton for taking an interest!

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    Basically, nothing helps except using Firefox and linear sampling.



  • Bump. Also sorry about that. I have now learned the difference between "private" and "unlisted" youtube videos (><).


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  • I really can't tell if it's just a side effect of the fullscreen scaling (you will get some level of artifacts no matter what), or something more. Mainly because the youtube compression sort of makes it all look the same. Any way you could give us your capx or a simplified version?

  • I'll try, it's just my project is one whole big capx, and I'm trying to make the PAX submission deadline on the 15th. Let me see if I can whip up a stand alone capx for it tomorrow or saturday.

    Appreciate all the help :)

  • Just make sure you mention me with sqiddster so I don't forget... it's hard to keep track of these threads.

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