How do I get images to show on layers correctly

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  • For some reason i cannot get images to show up correctly on layouts and i cannot figure out why? I only have one layer on the layout and all the images are ontop of the background image but 90% of them don't show up, like they are still behind the background image. I've edited the z-order and put the background image at the bottom but doesn't help? also i click on each individual item on the page to edit its z-order and only a few objects show up in the list when i dot this for each item? Any help is appreciated.

  • Just create another layer and place the items on the top layer. That's the purpose of layers. Using layers to separate object types is good practice. Your question is academic. However without seeing the specifics, try putting them all in family and set family to move to top of layer on start of layout.

  • Very strange, i did do this but it did not work. everything still shows exactly the same. also i noticed when i click on a particular item like a sprite on the page and view the z-oder list it only has a few items there but not all the items that are in the layout..

  • Anything else that could possibly cause this, adding layers did not help?

  • If you want to PM me a capx, I'll take a look at it.

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  • Sorry i'm very new to these forums, how do i PM you the file?

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