How do I use images from same project in different layout?

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  • How do I use images/objects from same project in different layout?

  • What do you mean specifically?

    You just drag and drop them from the objects panel or folder into whatever layout your currently in..

    You can make a layout specifically for a sprite object placeholder if you like, so all your instantiated sprites are stored on a seperate layout and not scattered around edges of other layout. They only have to exist "somewhere" in the project.

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  • But what if I have images made from different tiles in a spritesheet

    for instance, I don't want to have to recreate the land by dragging all the objects I need

  • Would duplicating the layout with the landscape work for you? You could then edit the copy to change things up a bit.

  • Hmm your original question didn't include tilemap images, however, the tilemap object should make all your tilemap pieces available to all layouts.

  • I have a project where I added a second layout where I dragged the tilemaps onto the layout and onto the same layer setup as in layout 1. For some reason, layout 2's transparency doesn't work at all and when you click on individual layers the others don't go transparent like in layout 1. I checked the layout settings and everything seems to match layout 1's settings, so I have no idea why transparency wouldn't work in layout 2.

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