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  • Windows image viewer.. 400x800

    Construct browser game preview- 400x800 (no size change.) --- not zoomed in ---

    Construct editor view not zoomed in

    Literally dragged and dropped in.

    I've also Double clicked>added a new sprite>opened the image in the image editor.

    This image was exported from inkscape as a png.

    Why is this happening and how can I fix this?


  • Are you using point, linear?


  • Share a .capx.

  • Ashley capx image used

    That capx is not the project which the above screenshots were taken in; which also shows that it is not a setting in the project itself.

  • It's because you're using letterbox scale, which is scaling up the image to fill the window. Turn it off and it looks identical in the browser.

  • Ashley

    Woops the one I sent a link for was one I made (mine as assets in it.)

    My project (screenshots) uses scale outer... will update that dropbox link.

    *updated* same margins, same layout size and scale outer is on

    and window size to 800x500 (same as my game)

    -- if you plan to give some advice on screen resolutions and something else I have likely done incorrectly--

    This intends to go through cocoon cloud compilation for iOS and android.

  • you should create your image larger than what you want for your game. that means X2 or larger. then import it in photoshop or gimp or other software with better scaling.

    letterbox scale is easily the solution if you want your game to support multiple resolutions. you just need to create your layout(GAME BACKGROUND) larger than your screen and keep the important buttons anchored so that it will stay in the same position no matter what.

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  • leysanity

    It was created in inkscape, not sure if that challenges what you have said or not.

    I've actually forgotten why I'm using scale outer.. 2 months after initially choosing it..

    Also, Ashley, the reason I even want this image is because it will be what my main menu buttons look like... I don't actually want the whole picture as one whole thing, if that changes anything.

  • What Ashlay was saying is that when you have any "Scale" selected, it's zooming in so the game fits the screen as much as it can.

    So as above you said you weren't zoomed in, if you have a scale selected, you are zoomed in.

    You make the graphics bigger than you need so that when they are zoomed in on, (scaled) they still look clear.

    The choice where to draw the line between clarity and performance is up to you.

  • Paradox you need a scale for cocoon?? :/

    Whats the alternative :S

  • btw, FIRST check your images resolution (make them at LEAST 96dpi)

    second thing, inform yourself about power of 2.

    My 2cents: I assume your useing -scale outer- since that will always fill the whole screen.

  • We aren't saying turn it off. We are saying it's the answer to your question.

    You asked why do my graphics look this way.

    (Well, Ashley did, but he only meant so you could see the graphics show at the right size with scaling turned off.)

    leysanity was saying if you make the graphic twice and big, 800x1600 rather than 400x800, it will be clearer when it doubles in size. Because it's actually showing at the new original size. 1600 is a bit big though, that's the balance I was referring to.


    96 dpi is the same as 300 dpi if you are looking at a 400x800 image. That's just a number used to calculate how many inches wide the image would be.

    400 pixels 96dpi would print at 4.1 inches.

    400 pixels 300dpi would print at 1.3 inches.

    They are both 400 pixels on screen.

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