How do I get images to load from imported files?

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  • Hi.

    I am building a quiz game that loads images from the Construct 2 repository.

    I have imported all pictures and I use a place-holder sprite that use the Web - load image from url and it works in Construct 2 preview.

    I use load image from url and put in the following path: image-01.jpg

    (well I do use some variable magic to resolve the 01 number, but that should not matter)

    I then export this to Cordova and import it to Intel XDK. When I run simulate inside Intel XDK it works fine. If I however preview it over Wifi from a real phone it does not load the images and only shows the place-holder default image. And I have also tried to publish the APK to Google Play and install it on my device, and the same result. Is there anything I am missing? Do I need a special plugin? Must I load the images from an external web server? Please help!

    I have used a lot of time developing this and I am so close to be able to release....

    Thanks for any answers.

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  • Do I need to use file:// to load images correctly?

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