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  • Hi all,

    Not sure if this is a bug or something weird I just don't know about. I created a folder within Object Types to help sort my objects in the Projects Window. After doing so, all new objects I add, even if clones or copies of an originally existing object, will become black in preview mode. I found that moving those objects to the newly created folder will solve the problem and they are visible once more.

    The other weird part is that over time, objects that were functioning well (that are not in the new folder) will go black. Again, moving them to the new folder will fix this.

    So I just want to know if I have done something wrong or if this is a bug or what? It has been pretty easy to work around, albeit very annoying. I can't really upload a .capx either as it's a very large, almost complete project. If someone has a theory of what might be causing it I will make a duplicate version and cut it down to the potential problem.

    Also note that I am using version 110.2, as version 111 made a significant amount of the original objects go black and I don't want to step into such murky waters this close to the end of a project.

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  • Are they all on the same layer ?

  • emoaeden - nope, the problem occurs on all layers across all layouts.

  • The black box sounds like a bug to do with shaders or blend modes. Although different folders shouldn't produce this bug..

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