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  • So, I'm trying to import an image bigger than 2048 pixels and the image editor gives me the warning of incompatibility on some platforms. Does this affect any forms of the game for PC or Mac, or just handheld systems?

    I'm planning on making a game that looks good on desktop systems even on fullscreen, so my graphics are rather high resolution. I can't find much information about the incompatibility and I must know this before I start rendering all those big pieces for my levels.

  • I'm pretty sure some Android devices, some iOS devices and WebGL have issues with images bigger than 2048. I've seen a 4096 sprite sheet work on newer iOS devices, but I think older devices have limitations. I don't know enough about Construct yet to know what it can output, but it might be worth the trouble to break your big images up into smaller ones to save yourself the trouble later if you decide to port it to other platforms.

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  • Hasuak have you read any of the tutorials or forum threads on optimization. They pretty much say don't use graphics that size. Break the up.

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