Make image processing desktop application with C2

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  • After testing around with C2, making some multi-platform games, I think it's possible to make a some kind linke image processing desktop app with canvas plugin and html5 graphic function. However, I want to make it like a desktop app (think C2 GUI), with ribbon, navbar and such.

    (application I try to emulate is character creator 2d, with mostly common graphic function: drag&drop, undo&redo, draw, change color, translate object, upload file, download local file, etc)

    I love how fast I can prototype something in C2, but can I make it until the end? with fb login feature, auto update version and such?

    Or it's better to use more desktop app IDE like adobe air? (or what is your recommendation)

    ps. something like this

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  • Its doable, but not advisable.

    There are better entry points that aren't as limiting.

    Fx for example must exist attached to layouts, layers, and objects, and can't be added at runtime.

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