How do I Image points on Tiled BG or putting objs on top

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  • hey guys,

    i want use image points on a tiled bg but i cannot do it , i'm following the runner tutorial

    I would like to position enemies and obstacles on top of the platforms,

    So... can i create platforms instead of tiled bgs? and but tiled bgs after the platforms are created?

    i want to put an enemy every 2 or 3 platforms

  • Tiled Background can have Hotspot only on Top-Left Corner or Center.

    "I would like to position enemies and obstacles on top of the platforms, "

    You can do that. If your tiled bg have imagepoint in Top-Left and you enemies have image point on the bottom. Then simply use

    Set Enemy.Y to Tilebg.Y

    Same for X. If you use:

    Set Enemy.X to (Tilebg.X) - this will set your enemy on the Left side of tiledbg

    while Set Enemy.X to (Tilebg.Width/2) - will set your enemy in the middle (horizontal) of tiledBG

  • It's not working exactly as i need it

    So let's change a lil bit,

    What should i do if i wanted to create a platform on top of the tiled bg?

    So the tiled bg won't be required for collisions, and i can use the normal sprite platform (which is a blue square) to set image points and more stuff that can't be done with tiled bg...

    I'm still using the auto runner template

  • Everything you need is already in auto runner template. All you need is to add your platform sprite, add solid and bullet behavior. And exchange all events with "Block" tiledbg to your "platform" sprite

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  • I already did that, but some values, like width, height and position are set to random :S

    i did copy the event and all the stuff...

    Another solution to creating objects on top of the tiled bg might be picking the last instance and creating the object on top of it... but dunno how...

  • yeaah, maybe you should go and read some tutorials first, before playing with events.

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