Image Points with Spriter Animations in C2 not working (solved sort of)

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  • Hi All,

    I have been trying out the free demo of Spriter and ran into an issue.

    Basically I have a spriter animation that I bring into a C2 project. The spriter animation has 3 sprites, a body and 2 arms.

    On the body sprite, I set the origin in the middle and another image point at the top of the head (for pinning hats and hair and such).

    When I try and pin anything to this image point it seems to always go to the top left of the entire animation frame.

    If I do the exact same thing with a normal sprite and swap all my spriter body events with a new normal sprite, the normal sprite works as expected and the items are pinned to the correct location.

    I also tried changing everything to the blank/empty sprite that gets created when you import the spriter scon file, but that didn't change the behaviour

    Couple things:

    1) I am using the free demo - does this cause this issue that I can't do this with the free version?

    2) With using the free demo - am I to be using spriter "action points" which are not in the free version

    Any pointers appreciated. I really want to use Spriter for easier animations, but if I cannot pin regular sprites to them it won't help me on this project.



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  • Well, I am not sure if this is the best way to do this but I stopped using the Spriter body sprite for any processing in Construct. Instead I placed a "player anchor" sprite the same size as the spriter body sprite and placed all my pins on that, made it invisible and then set the Spriter sprites to the same position as the hidden player anchor.

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