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  • Hi guys... I am becoming crazy... I set a image point from where to spawn a bullet...

    it works for 1 soon my player goes arround ( i press the arrows) the bullet is spawned from another point....I checked really all frames of all change.

    Other thing: I place as Zorder the player at first on the top...the bullet underbead the player as zorder...still the bullet is coming out from the top of the players layer...??? helpppp :/

    thanks guys

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  • Without seeing the .capx or at least a screenshot of your code there isn't really any way for us to figure out where your imagepoint issue is coming from. For the Z order issue, it sounds like you're setting the order in the layout rather than when the bullet is created, because all objects are created on top by default. Your event for creating it should also set the order you want. Bullet / Move to Object / Player and set it to behind. If you're already doing that and it still isn't working, try doing it every tick instead of on created.

  • For Z order, set On Created (Bullet) = Set to behind player

    Image point works just fine, there's definitely a code issue and you just have to go over it again carefully.

  • thanks guys...I will try ...probably I am simply a newcomer...

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