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  • I have a javascript error because it can't find my images folder( I don't use the iframe solution)

    How can I do to specify my own image path ?


  • fabien ???

    You need to provide more info. What JavaScript error? Where/when does it appear? Why are you trying to access your images folder directly, instead of using animations?

    (It rather sounds as if you're not working within Construct 2.)

  • Hi,

    I will try to be clear :|

    There are 2 ways to embed our games in an html page :

    1) with an iframe, it works

    2) to copy the code in our own page, but that's where I have an issue :

    the path used in the javascript code is ./images/.... to access the images files

    I am using a PHP framework and this path doesn't work, I need something like that public/assets/img/... to access my files

    so how can I do to change this path ?


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  • Ok I found it, when I export my game, I can fill an images path, and write a strange name like cocorico

    I just have to edit the js file after and replace cocorico with my real path

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