How do I make image that do not 'pixelate'? [SOLVED]

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  • I have read the manual and some articles even outside C2 and I still can't figure out how all mobile games have amazing images in the screen of my Moto G and the images of my game are perfect on my PC but get 'pixel' like in the mobile. I believe it has something to do with downscaling. I tried High Quality Downscaling but didn't get the desired result. I imagine it has something to do with finding the perfect image configuration for mobiles (like ppi, size, and any other thing I'm probably missing).

    Could you please share here how you treat the image files you are going to put in your game and you want to be pretty detailed in mobile devices?

    If you know where I could read or learn more about it, please share as well.

    Thank you for your time!

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  • Construct2 is actually pretty good at scaling, so I never had any issues, but maybe I've never had that big of a difference between the original image and the display of the image as you have..

    How big are the images you use and how big are they displayed on your mobile phone?

  • Thank you for your attention, LittleStain!

    I have found out that if I configure the project to "Use high-DPI Display" to "Yes", all images are perfect in the mobile as they are on PC, however the game get a lot slower because of that. I'm trying to understand how I can mix high-DPI Display with image files that will not be so heavy on the memory usage.

    Actually, memory usage is still a little of a mistery to me. For example, after the layout loads an image, is there any away to get rid of that image in the memory usage without changing layouts or is it impossible?

    I'm working on a Visual Novel, and worried about quality I'm using sprites as characters with a size of 1100px width and 1800 height (I have being reading about setting two different sprite groups - one for PC and one for mobile - and I'll try to learn more about that because it seems the fastest way to create a game to host in a site and to mobile devices as well).

    Probably, if I can manage to make smaller character' images keeping a high definition, it would weight a lot less in the memory.

    LittleStain, could you please tell me your best practices when you try to have detailed images and best performance as well?

    Thanks again for your time!

  • As explained here:

    Remember not to waste your memory

    A sprite of 1100 by 1800 px needs about 8Mb of memory if not put on a power of 2 texture (in which case it would take about 17Mb of memory)

  • Thanks, I'll read again and try to understand better than already have.

    Best regards,

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