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  • Hey guys and girls, I have a few queries about my game.

    1. I have JSON files which are called through QueryString at the start of layout on my menu layout. However, for some reason it doesn't always load properly. From what I can tell, it doesn't load when the game isn't cached i.e. when they scirra logo appears and it loads all the game content fresh.

    2. In my JSON file, I have a URL for a player image depending on which sprite the player chooses externally. However, on the first time the player sprite is loaded, it takes a few seconds to show. Is there anyway I can pre-load it into a sprite so that it is shown instantly when the player reaches that layout. I've seen the plugin 'Load Image at from URL at runtime', however, this won't work as the URL for the image is dynamic, and will only be available at the start of my menu layout when it is called from the JSON file.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you.


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  • I think i've managed to sorta correct my first issue, but the second one is beginning to be quite a pain. Is there anyway to preload the images to a sprite before that layout is called? It looks very bad when a layout begins and the images aren't there, they only appear after a few seconds....

  • You could use a custom loading screen,

    and "On image URL loaded" on your sprite to end it

  • Thanks lemo, i've added that and it's working well now. :)

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