Get an image from Construct to php script?

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  • My goal is to improve the form at, which is a normal HTML form with an embedded Construct canvas. I'd like to capture the diagram from the Construct window as an image and include it in the email form.   

    I'm not a web coding expert (as you will see). I've built this with HTML and Construct. I could do the whole form within Construct, but how to get the image data into the form?

    Flash developers tell me there's a method to capture the canvas as an image, and send it as a bytearray to a sendmail script. Is there the equivalent for Construct? I have read the AJAX object and it is unclear what data can be sent. If it's being sent as a URL, that means only strings with no spaces, right? I didn't see an existing plugin for this; would I need to write my own?

    Could I somehow access Construct's localstorage using a server script? I doubt it.

    thank you in advance!

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  • Try using the system 'Snapshot canvas' action, and then POST the image data to your server with the AJAX object.

  • awesome! Thanks Ashley. I'll try it.

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