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  • Hi,

    I'm working on an autorunner game, loosely based on the Autorunner Example, and i wanted to add a few elements into the game which i hope someone can help with.

    Firstly, i have a sprite that i would like to appear on the screen for just a second when the players score hits/goes past a certain number. For example, as soon as the player has reached 5000, a sprite will appear underneath the score just for a second and then disappear. This is just for an inside joke i wanted to add into the game. Is this at all possible? If so, could someone please explain, i'm using the score based off the Autorunner Example if thats helpful.

    The other thing i wanted to add is an option to continue the game when the player dies, starting from the score that they died on, but only if the score that they died on is a specific number (hope that makes sense). So for example, if a player dies on a score of 123,456, the game over screen will appear with the usual Retry & Menu button, but in this case another button will appear saying Continue. This button will only appear when the score of 123,456 is met and will allow the player to start again but continue from 123,456 to improve on it. This is a sort of easter egg i wanted to add and would like to know if this is possible too.


  • in events, system, compare the score's variable. variable = 5000. in the actions, create object on the layer at the point that you want it to be at.

    for the second thing you do, it's the same thing as the first but instead of = 5000, it would be = 123456 and instead of creating a sprite, it will create a button on the game over screen. in the actions, you want to add set time scale to 0 (it basically pauses the game) and destroy the retry button. for the events of the continue button, when the button is clicked, set time scale to 1 (resumes the game) and set it so it goes back to the game. set another action to create a new retry button on the game over screen layer/layout. make sure every time the game starts that the retry button is recreated or it might not appear in your game after it is destroyed for the continue button.

    i hope my instructions helped. it might not be the most efficient way but logically it works

  • Thanks for the response. I'll have a go at this and let you know how it goes, hopefully it'll work without any issues.

  • I've just tried what you've suggested but it hasn't worked for me unfortunately. Nothing appears after setting it up as you said. Is it possible for you to provide an example of this using the Autorunner Template please? Is there another way to do it if this way doesn't work?

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  • Can someone help me here? I provided an image of what i've done, using the Autorunner template but its not working for me. The event seems right but its not working for me. Am i going about this the right way in getting it to do what i need it to do?

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