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  • i know there are tons of tutorials out there and i need to learn alot. i just had a few questions that i havent seen. i want to do a few things.

    1) make a ok button work to goto a new layout like a start button when clicked

    2)make a bullet track a random object and destroy both on contact

    3)after the object is destroyed attach a particle effect to the object that is destroyed only or set a animation of destruction only on destruction.

    i havent found the direct answers to these and construct 2 dosent pull up web expamles for some reason thanks in advance for any help.

  • 1 - Add a button to your layout. Place it where you would like it to appear. In your event sheet add an event that says "on clicked" -> "go to layout"

    2 - Add a sprite and give it the bullet behaviour, in the event sheet add "Every tick" -> "Set bullet motion towards (object)"

    3 - Add another event "On sprite destroyed" -> "System create particle effect at (Position of object"

    I would strongly recommend you have a good read through some of the tutorials, practice a few, get to grips with construct and how each behaviour works and the options that go with it.

    If all else fails, ask here in the forums, someone will assist where possible

  • yeah thanks for the advice i know there are tutorials and the manual i appreciate that. i thank you for taking the time to answer me. i will try to impliment them into my game thank you.

  • well the last piece about particle effects worked thank you for some reason the others did not

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  • i got the title screen working thanks

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