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  • Please help ! I've spent the whole month working on my first C2 game, and now I finally exported it to Scirra Arcade. It's still not finished (minor fixes must be done) but anyway I was very satisfied to see my hours of watching tutorials becoming a real playable game. Well, after I exported it and played it for the first time, I saw a few problems.

    My character has an instance variable (health), and when it's hit by enemies the health reduces and a sprite shows you the health left. Well, in my exported game there's no health.I can hit as many enemies and nothing happens. I have to mention that in my C2 project (preview mode) it works perfectly. Should I upload it again?

    The second issue is with my in-game music. I don't know if its from my machine or my net connection, but when I play it the music is streamed like hell (interrupts, sound awfull). Please give me some advices and forgive my english (you can play the game in the arcade, it's called Belzeblub-Escape from Hell)

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  • Also the fps is slow,about 12-15 fps...I have a lots of "every x seconds" on my project can this be the problem ?

  • Without seeing your capx all we can do is play the guessing game..

  • I've uploaded the cap.x file in the arcade section at my game link (I can't post Url's here).I also managed to solve the first issue with my instance variable by making it a global one. Watch out because the whole project is a mess, but I hope you'll be able to help me...

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